Behind every job is a highly qualified team of 40+ people seamlessly completing all of its stages. However, whenever you need a production status update or any type of assistance with your job, you need only call one team member--your Account Manager.

Your account manager follows your job from the moment it enters our plant in receiving all the way through production and shipping. Your Account Manager is the key person ensuring that your projects go smoothly and mail on time. They can answer any question you may have regarding how your job is progressing and when it is scheduled to mail.

And there is always an Account Manager on duty, they stagger breaks so there is always someone here to help you. We want to make your experience with Accurate Mailings as easy as possible. Postal regulations and design requirements can be mind boggling, so we have experts who have taken USPS training and can find the lowest postage rates going.

Think of your Account Manager as a one stop resource for informatio
n. If you have any questions or comments regarding customer service, please call our Customer Service Department at: (800) 732-3290.

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